Cortana outduels Siri in Windows Phone ad


Siri is well-known amongst the smartphone community as being the Apple iPhone personal voice assistant.  While she is tasked with helping users utilize every bit of their smartphone, in the latest Windows Phone commercial, she’s the butt of the joke.

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In the commercial, Cortana shows off her abilities by creating a person reminder.  While Siri is well versed in creating reminders, they are typically tied to a specific time or location, whereas Cortana ties her reminder to a specific name.  Next, Cortana creates a location reminder that will push a notification when the location is in close proximity.

Near the end of the commercial, Cortana shows off her abilities in the biggest way.  The Windows Phone has an alert pop up that states, due to traffic, the user will need to leave for their appointment in the next five minutes.

With this notification, Cortana is saying that because she has access to your personal information (calendar, contacts, etc.) as well as outside factors (traffic, weather, etc.), the knowledge can be combined to create the most effective updates.

Although Siri is arguably the more polished smartphone voice assistant, it does seem that the Windows Phone has covered the feature well with Cortana.

While Windows and Microsoft may get the last laugh with their newest ad, the unfortunate reality is that the Windows Phone has failed to catch on.  Regardless of the famous Halo voice in Cortana, the Windows Phone needs to continue to work to position itself as a viable option for smartphone buyers.