The Nexus 6 is coming from an unexpected source


While they have been connected to a Nexus smartphone for sometime, it now seems like Motorola very well may get their shot at making the next Nexus device.  Google recently bought and sold the company, and now it looks like that could be exactly what Motorola is up to.

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Google set the record straight in regards to the Nexus devices at this years I/O.  While it was rumored they would be moving on from Nexus in favor of Android Silver, that is not the case.

It looks like a Nexus 6 is in the making, and Android Police is reporting that the phone, codenamed Shamu, may be a 5.9 inch Motorola device.

Android Police said, “The rumor this time is simple – according to information made available to us, Motorola is working on a device with Google code-named Shamu.  The device is supposed to be targeted at major U.S. carriers, and unspecified carriers in other parts of the world, which would probably include the markets that currently have access to Nexus devices, though this detail is still unclear.”

Right now, it looks as if the Nexus 6 would have a 5.9 inch display, fingerprint scanning technology, and will launch around the Android L release in November.

There have been no images to surface yet, but the Nexus 6 has been spotted in Google’s issue tracker.

Although nothing has been confirmed on the Nexus 6 front yet, Android Police is a reputable source and considering the information they have backing the claims, it looks like plans could very well come to fruition.