Fantasy Baseball Stats: Daily All-Stars from September 16


David Banks-USA TODAY Sports

Much like Monday, Tuesday’s top fantasy baseball stats were some of the best we’ve seen all season, especially at the top.

Lovers of hitting and pitching will be equally happy here, as two hitters and two pitchers made today’s recap. We start with a great performance that was nearly history making.

Daily Fantasy Baseball Stats MVP

Jake Arrieta — Chicago Cubs

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As good as Andrew Cashner was on Monday, Arrieta might have been even better Tuesday night against the Reds. Only a walk to Billy Hamilton and a clean double from Brandon Phillips stood between Arrieta and a perfect game.

For the purposes of fantasy baseball stats, Arrieta has been one of the best and most consistent surprises this season. He’s had very few bad starts in 2014, and several great ones, though none quite as good as this.

Daily Fantasy Baseball Stats Honorable Mentions

1. Wilmer Flores — New York Mets

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Maybe not the guy we were expecting to put up such a dominant day. Honestly, if Flores’ day helped more fantasy owners, he might have been our top guy today. But while he didn’t help many fantasy owners, these fantasy baseball stats are just too good to ignore. The Mets are obviously not a great offensive team and they don’t have many great individual performances, but Flores was on today and his teammates helped him out, leading to a dominant day.

Flores has hit safely in each of his last four games with three homers in that stretch. If you’re looking for a nice hot streak to help carry your fantasy team until the end of the year, Flores might be worth a look.

2. Corey Dickerson — Colorado Rockies

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Apparently Coors Field is a nice place to hit. Who knew? Dickerson was locked in on Tuesday night, having a day that might have earned the top spot most nights. Tuesday was a little different, though. We also have to give some props to Drew Stubbs, who scored on both RBI producing hits from Dickerson.

Much like Arrieta, Dickerson has been a consistently positive surprise in 2014. He’s got a decent shot at 25 homers and 80 RBI. Not bad for a guy who went undrafted in most leagues.

3. Corey Kluber — Cleveland Indians

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A few too many base runners to be considered on par with Arrieta, even if he did strike one more hitter out. Still, Kluber was absolutely dominant in Houston against the Astros, far too good to ignore in today’s fantasy baseball stats recap. The fact that he’s at the bottom of the list only speaks to how great Arrieta, Flores, and Dickerson were.

Keeping with the theme of the day, Kluber has been an amazing surprise to fantasy owners. He has two more scheduled starts remaining — in Minnesota and home vs. Tampa — and I would not want Kluber on my opponent’s team in a head-to-head match for either of those outings.