Former Texas Longhorns QB David Ash sends thank you letter to fans

When something you’ve loved to do since youth is suddenly taken away from you due to circumstances out of your control reactions can vary. In the case of now-former Texas Longhorns quarterback David Ash, it meant handling announcing his football playing days were over.

Publicly, Ash has handled the decision to stop playing football due to concussion issues about as well as possible. On Monday he put on a brave face and did a press conference to answer questions and put a cap on his football career.

However, later in the week Ash put pen to paper (oh, who are we kidding it was likely fingers to keys on a computer) on a letter to Longhorns fans. It was his personal way to say thank you for the support he’s received throughout the years and multiple concussions.

Ash’s letter hinted at the tough time he’s had with the decision, but also the great support he’s felt from the Texas fans, according to the full letter from

“Being the quarterback at The University of Texas has been a huge blessing and one of the biggest reasons is our fans,” Ash opened. “Throughout my career, you have been awesome in the good times and the tough times. I’ve recently fallen on some harder times and am just so grateful that you have continued to support me. I can’t thank you enough.”

With Ash gone, Texas has gone to Tyrone Swoopes at quarterback. Unfortunately, both games Swoopes has started have ended in losses.

However, Swoopes wasn’t at fault much in the last two games. He has completed 67.7 percent of his passes for 372 yards and three touchdowns to one interception.

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