Microsoft unveils Windows 10


Yes you read that right, today Microsoft announced Windows 10 today, the follow up to the widely unpopular Windows 8. While no reason was discussed as to why the company decided to forgo naming the new operating system Windows 9, it would stand to reason that Microsoft is hoping we all forget Windows 8.

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On top of the name for the new PC based operating system, Windows 10 is also the name for the new OS on the Windows Phone. At this point, no release date has been announced, but Windows 10 is scheduled to be available in late 2015.

Microsoft will be rolling out Windows 10 to multiple different platforms, and they are calling the new product, “our greatest enterprise platform ever.”

One of the most warmly received features of Windows 10 has to be the inclusion of a start menu, something that Windows 8 did away with.

Check out some of the tweets from the conference in San Francisco to see Windows 10 in action.

I’ll admit, I am an Apple supporter all the way, and love my Mac based computers. That being said, Microsoft took a step in the right direction today. With Windows 8 being based largely off a mobile operating system that already didn’t sell well, the doom should have been expected.

Look for Windows 10 to right the ship, and Microsoft to watch its operating system return to relevance.

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