Ned Yost removes James Shields: Twitter reacts

Kansas City Royals’ manager Ned Yost is known for many things. Being a good manager is not one of those things.

Surely the tales of his mismanagement are overstated from time to time; his team did reach the playoffs, after all. Still, Yost is known for any number of frustrating decisions while at the helm for a team that has so much promise and talent on their roster.

So far in the American League Wild Card game, Yost has called for a delayed double steal with Billy Butler, put on a classic (unnecessary) sacrifice bunt, and most notably, removed his starting pitcher James Shields in the sixth inning with a couple runners on base.

It was the decision to remove Shields that is drawing a lot of fire for Yost. On the surface of it, that might not be a bad move. Yost has his entire bullpen at his disposal to go along with certain guys from his rotation. He could have brought in one of his studs from the bullpen to get his team out of a tough spot.

The problem for Yost is that he called on young starting pitcher Yordano Ventura in that spot. Ventura is immensely talented and can run it up there 100 MPH; he also had exactly one relief appearance this season and started on Sunday. He was an unlikely choice in that spot.

It was analyzed as a bonehead move by a number of people, so let’s look at the reactions from Twitter.

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