Drake Unsurprisingly Wants Johnny Manziel To Start for Cleveland Browns


Cleveland is now the center of football attention once again thanks to Johnny Manziel looking likely to take over as starter — something that pleases rapper Drake.

The Cleveland Browns have a massive decision on their hands when it comes to starting Johnny Manziel or Brian Hoyer on Sunday against the Indianapolis Colts. It’s a game that will either further along the Browns hopes in making the playoffs or further hinder them from crashing through their glass ceiling.

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Johnny Manziel has been the future for a long time, as the Browns have been looking for any excuse to get him into the game. Now that Hoyer has been replaced, it’s looking like this is the shot Manziel has been waiting for.

His troupe of famous — and far more successful — friends are all pulling for him too. LeBron James tweeted out his excitement over Manziel playing and rapper Drake is on board with Johnny Manziel manning the ship in Cleveland as well.

Drake is hardly someone you’d mistake for Vince Lombardi, so his football knowledge is questionable at best. Drake seems to pop up at random sporting events all the time, from Miami Heat games to Kentucky Wildcat practice to this Johnny Manziel controversy.

In all likelihood, Manziel is going to start, but the fanfare needs to be kept at a minimum since even LeBron James couldn’t overcome the hype when he made his Cleveland debut — again.