Zach LaVine With The Smoothest Dunk You Will See (Video)

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Zach LaVine of the Minnesota Timberwolves added another beautiful dunk on Monday to a highlight reel that grows each night during his rookie season in the NBA. 

This dunk did not necessarily look spectacular at first glance. Sure, it came naturally and it looked smooth. But you would not necessarily be struck that this breakaway dunk from Zach LaVine stands out from the others you will see over the course of a long NBA season.

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With a second look, however, the viewer is quickly reminder of just how darn athletic LaVine really is. He doesn’t appear to be exerting himself, just gliding, really, yet he is well above the rim when he emphatically throws down this dunk.

The Timberwolves might not be doing a lot of winning this season, but they will at least entertain the crowd with plays like this one from youngsters like LaVine and Andrew Wiggins. Compared with seasons of old, the occasional highlight now and then could go a long way to keeping the Minnesota NBA crowd engaged and loyal.

Check out the dunk from Zach LaVine below, especially the close-up look at just how ridiculously high he was when he flushed the dunk home.

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