Bill Belichick Trolls Rob Gronkowski Over Kitten Photo

New England Patriots tight end Rob Gronkowski was trolled by head coach Bill Belichick over posing in a photo with a kitten.

By now you’ve probably seen New England Patriots tight end Rob Gronkowski posing in a series of photos with a kitten that’s about the size of his index finger.

It’s incredibly adorable in the most masculine of ways, though, slightly ironic considering the beast of frame Gronk has in comparison to the feline.

Perhaps wanting to keep the mood light at New England Patriots practice, head coach Bill Belichick decided to have some fun with his All-Pro tight end and started sharing photos of Gronk and his kitten during a team meeting.

“Bill brought it up this morning in the team meeting,” teammate Darrelle Revis said. “We had a couple chuckles about it. That’s when I knew: Gronk took a picture with a kitten! It was pretty funny this morning.”

Gronk, who’s known more for running over any defender that gets in his way, apparently has a gentle streak, something Revis wasn’t overly sure of.

“It’s kind of weird,” Revis said. “But I guess Gronk has a soft side to his personality.”

So what did Rob Gronkowski think about Bill Belichick showing off the photos to his teammates? Apparently he wanted nothing to do with it as he quickly changed the topic once media began to ask him about Belichick’s troll job.

“Oh man,” Gronk said, acting surprised to be asked about the photos. “Gotta talk about the Dolphins today.”

See, fantasy football players in need of a New England Patriots running back, not only does Bill Belichick troll you – he even does it to his own players.

For those that missed the photo which appeared in ESPN The Magazine: