Bears S Chris Conte Would Trade Long Term Health For NFL Career


Chicago Bears safety Chris Conte has reportedly stated that he would trade a longer life for the chance to play in the NFL.

At a time when a myriad of injuries and long term health concerns appear to be plaguing the game of football, Chicago Bears safety Chris Conte appears to be part of the vocal minority of those who will brush it off. In fact, in a recent statement, Conte said he would rather shorten his life span considerably, if it meant playing the game at the highest professional level.

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That is dedication to your job. What Conte is doing is completely looking past all of the negatives associated with the sport of football today. It seems to be working for him, so why not? He does not appear to have any delusions regarding the risk; especially with the following quote, attributed to an interview given to WBBM AM 780 this past Monday.

“I’d rather have the experience of playing in the NFL and die 10 to 15 years earlier than not play in the NFL and have a long life. I don’t really look toward my life after football. I’ll figure things out when I get there. As long as I outlive my parents.”

That is not exactly the healthiest of attitudes for the long term, and not really one to be encouraged. But you have to admire, to a certain extent, the transparency of Conte’s motives.

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