Jeff Garcia Wants To Coach In NFL, Help Colin Kaepernick

Former NFL quarterback Jeff Garcia has reportedly expressed an interest in mentoring San Francisco 49ers QB Colin Kaepernick.

Jeff Garcia, 44, knows how to play the quarterback position about as well as any former player. After a solid 12 year career which culminate in respectable career totals (25,537 yards, 161 TD, 83 INT, and an 87.5 passer rating), he has taken to coaching current players behind center at different levels of the game.

This is where Colin Kaepernick might fit into the picture, as the San Francisco 49ers QB has recently expressed an interest in working with an independent coach in the off-season to address his mechanics. Seeing as how Garcia spent a significant amount of his playing days in the bay area, this potential pairing would seem to make sense, at least on paper. Garcia, who has worked with the likes of Mark Sanchez, Tyrod Taylor, and Matt McGloin, knows what it takes to succeed within the organization. His 4,278 passing yards in 2000 are still a franchise record.

Garcia spoke to CSN Bay Area and had the following to say regarding the opportunity, should it arise.

 “As somebody who played the position for a long time and didn’t fit the stereotype, who had to overcome the odds and battle, not just on a yearly basis but a daily basis just to prove himself, I know a lot of what it takes in order to achieve at that position. And I’d be more than happy to help him out any way I can,”

Garcia hopes he can parlay any success he may have with Kaepernick into an possible assistant coaching position, and eventually a head coaching spot. Should he be able to help the 4 year veteran improve upon a disappointing season, which yielded perhaps his worst numbers since his rookie season, it would be a great start towards that goal.

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