Rob Gronkowski Wishes Patriots Fans A Merry Christmas En Espanol (Video)

Rob Gronkowski speaks Spanish about as well as you’d think he would. 

The New England Patriots created a 3 minute video of players wishing their fans a merry Christmas in Spanish. Naturally, Rob Gronkowski was the highlight of this footage.

What is the most important part of playing for an NFL franchise; winning, earning a gigantic salary, building a self-brand? All of these are acceptable answers. However, they completely disregard the most crucial perk of all; the admiration of fans everywhere. Fanhood knows no bounds. This includes language barriers. That is why New England Patriots tight end Rob Gronkowski has every Spanish speaking fan covered.

In this edition of the amazing “Gronk Moment of the Week,” we see the Pats star TE wishing his fans a merry Christmas in espanol. And of course, it would not be right if he did not bring a little bit of his lovable frat boy flair to the party.

Listen to the nearly flawless conjugation of those verbs. If we did not know any better, one could easily forget that Mr. Gronkowski majored in pre-business, and not Spanish. Then again, having excellent foreign language skills is a desired and paramount skill in that line of work. This is not the first time the Gronk has showcased his Spanish speaking prowess, however.

“Yo soy fiesta.” Considering what we know to be true about the kind of player he is, this seems to be a fair assessment. Yes, Rob, you are party. You most certainly are.

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