Oregon Ducks accuse Florida State Seminoles of quitting in Rose Bowl


The Oregon Ducks are striding into the National Championship with  oodles of swagger, but they’re still taking shots at the Florida State Seminoles on their way up. 

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If you thought the introverted Oregon Ducks were going to only do their talking on the field as they head into the National Championship game, you are mistaken.

After beating the Florida State Seminoles to death in the Rose Bowl, drawing any respect that anyone harbored for Jimbo Fisher’s team, the Ducks continue to beat the dead War Horse.

Oregon center Hroniss Grasu said this week that the one difference between Ohio State and Florida State is that the Buckeyes won’t quit on a play — which is a direct shot at the Noles for quitting.

"“They won’t quit on a play. Florida State, they’d stop after one move. These guys, they won’t quit on a play.”"

The Ducks, who were largely quiet during the season while they rose to the near top of the NCAA rankings, have taken off the muzzle and are now gloating about their position in the sport. There’s nothing wrong with this, but it’s like finding out that the geeky kid in class is dating a Playboy model and he proceeds to explain the devious acts they play out.

It’s just shocking to hear the Ducks act out the way they are, but there’s nothing wrong with it either. The Florida State Seminoles were targets all season long thanks to Jameis Winston being a doofus, and all of this gloating is almost cathartic for the entire nation.

Claiming that the Noles quit is a pretty harsh criticism, but then again the Rose Bowl was a blow out that involved a supposedly Top 4 team in the country.

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