Cardale Jones returns to Ohio State: Twitter reacts with utter shock


Cardale Jones had what many believed was a guaranteed roster spot in the NFL if he declared but he’s going to return to Ohio State — a move that both shocked and pleased fans on Twitter.

If you had the change to start three of the biggest games in the history of Ohio State, lead the team on an epic National Championship run and then turn pro, would you?

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That’s going to be the million question after Ohio State quarterback Cardale Jones decided to return to Ohio State following 72 hours of massive drama about his future. After much deliberating — and fooling the world into thinking he was turning pro — Cardale Jones announced at a press conference on Thursday that he was returning to Ohio State in 2015.

Needless to say, it was not the decision people expected. Still, the reactions on Tiwtter were mixed between praise and confusion.

It’s truly debatable whether or not this was the right move for Jones to make as he’s leaving guaranteed money on the table when he has a family to support. Then again, it sends a powerful message that he has an opportunity to essentially win the lottery and he’s choosing to earn his education and his place at the next level of his profession in a more meaningful way.

Cardale Jones is leaving guaranteed NFL roster spot on the table to return to Ohio State, which is an admirable move but only time will tell if it was the right move.

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