Cardale Jones on press conference: It ‘wasn’t my idea’


Why did Cardale Jones hold a press conference to announce he was returning to Ohio State? We may never know, but he said it wasn’t his idea.

Ohio State Buckeyes quarterback Cardale Jones held a press conference earlier this week to announce he would be returning to school.

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Jones caught plenty of heat and criticism for the press conference, but he wanted everyone to know that making a big ordeal of the situation and holding a press conference was not his idea.

“One, me personally, it wasn’t my idea,” Jones said during an appearance on ESPN radio. “You know, holding a press conference and all eyes on me and me being the center of attention — I’m not that type of guy, period. You know, that wasn’t something I put together, but I thought it wasn’t a big deal.”

Regardless of how the announcement came about, it was a positive moment for Jones.

It showed maturity that many believed he lacked, and it will provide NFL teams with more film as they evaluate his future in the pros.

While Jones beating Wiscons, Alabama and Oregon in consecutive weeks on neutral soil is impressive, he still has plenty of work to do. Now, he can focus on solidifying himself as the team’s starting quarterback and working to improve his game while defending Ohio State’s national title.

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