Ernie Banks tribute lights up downtown Chicago (Photo)


The Blue Cross-Blue Shield Tower in downtown Chicago paid tribute to recently passed MLB legend Ernie Banks on Tuesday night.

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The Chicago Cubs lost one of their most decorated players in franchise history last Friday. Ernie Banks passed away at the age of 83 on January 23rd. “Mr. Cub” had his number 14 inducted into the team’s hall of fame and was enshrined in Cooperstown in 1977 after being named on 83.8 percent of the ballot. It was his first year of eligibility.

In honor of the two time NL MVP (1958-59), the Blue Cross-Blue Shield Tower in downtown Chicago was lit up at night to commemorate the career of Mr. Banks.

Check out the photo below, which showcases a beautiful display courtesy of the BCBS Tower in downtown Chicago. Banks, owner of 512 career home runs, is still considered by most baseball players, coaches, and historians alike to be one of the greatest infielders in the sport’s long and storied history, playing over 1,000 games at both shortstop and first base.

The city of Chicago will never forget “Mr. Cub.” He remains one of the town’s greatest sports heroes; a shining face for a team marred by a terrible curse.

With the 2015 Cubs looking like a good shot to win the National League Central Division this season, perhaps the team could make a serious World Series title run and finally take home the Commissioner’s Trophy in honor of their fallen legend. It would be the franchises’s first since 1908.

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