Jameis Winston’s football IQ reminiscent of Peyton Manning


Several NFL scouts have liked Jameis Winston’s football IQ with that of five time NFL MVP Peyton Manning.

Jameis Winston has been erasing doubts leading up to the 2015 NFL Draft. That is exactly what the Heisman Trophy and national championship winning quarterback needs to be doing in order to solidify his status as the projected number one overall selection.

After this past weekend, if you are a scout in the Tampa Bay Buccaneers office, your job might have gotten a little easier.

According to reports, questions regarding Winston’s football IQ have all but vanished after his interviews with several teams. Several scouts even claimed the man’s football IQ was on par with Peyton Manning; certainly not a bad comparison to have.

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The product of Florida State University, Winston’s 2014 season was a far cry from his brilliant 2013 run. This past year, he finished tied for second in the FBS with 18 interceptions against just 25 touchdown passes; as opposed to his previous totals of 10, and 40 respectively. Yet, despite his inconsistent play, the Seminoles finished the regular season 12-0 and went on to win the ACC title to get into the first ever College Football Playoff.

Despite a brutal 59-20 beating at the hands of fellow future quarterback draftee Marcus Mariota’s Oregon Ducks, Winston, save for a few plays, was relatively efficient throughout the game. As doubts began to swirl about the aforementioned Mariota’s play translating to a pro-style offense in the NFL, Winston’s stock has been rising ever since.

However, the questions regarding his character, mainly off the field issues, have lingered. Many also wondered, despite the physical tools, if his decision-making on the field was on par with his abilities. Based upon previous reports from the annual scouting combine, Winston has done nothing but exceed expectations.

Every issue has been addressed, from the crab legs incident to the obscene public statements; even the rape accusations. So far, Jameis has passed this major test with flying colors. Scouts have even lauded the man’s football IQ, with one going as far to say that “he’s probably the smartest player I’ve ever interviewed.”

There should still be a little skepticism, considering that Johnny Manziel, last year’s enigmatic pre-draft presence, impressed in interviews as well. Unlike him though, questions regarding the offense system Winston used in college are not nearly as prevalent an issue.

The character questions, however, should still be somewhat in the back of the minds of NFL scouts. Comparisons to one of the greatest quarterbacks of all time are nice, but until Winston takes a pro snap for the first time, they will be, at best, premature in nature.

For what it is worth (not much for a non-skill position player at that), Mariota’s combine numbers have been slightly more impressive all around.

The 2015 Draft will be exciting to watch. However, as anticipated as it might be, it will teach us nothing about how Winston will ultimately fair in the league. We can revisit this issue in September.

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