Daily Fantasy Basketball: FanDuel Lineups For February 26


There are only two games on the docket for the NBA tonight. There are a lot of high priced players, so making the best lineup is going to be tricky.

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Here are my FanDuel lineups for February 26:

Point Guards:


Brandon Knight, Suns ($7,400): Knight’s minutes and comfort level in the offense is increasing, and so is his output. He was up to 29.6 fantasy points in 33 minutes last night. His minutes likely won’t increase much more than that, but his fantasy output could. Phoenix still likes to push the tempo, which should result in more possessions and more fantasy points for all involved.

Worth The Cost:

Russell Westbrook, Thunder ($11,000): I’m going to go out on a limb here and say that Westbrook will be about 90 percent owned in any tournament you enter tonight. He has not been under 40 fantasy points since February 8th, and has not been under 44 points (4x value) since then either. He has a high floor, and the potential to put up 60 every time he takes the court. Especially with Kevin Durant out. Oh, and he plays the NBA version of the run and shoot in the Suns. Westbrook could have a huge night.

Stephen Curry, Warriors ($10,300): Curry has been over 40 fantasy points in each of his last four games, and in 10 of his last 11. He experienced some soreness in his foot on Tuesday night against Washington, so it could be a situation to monitor. If it doesn’t limit him, he has a solid matchup against the Cavaliers tonight.

Risky Play:

Kyrie Irving, Cavaliers ($8,400): Irving is always good for 20 fantasy points, but that is simply not enough at his price. He has only been above 33.6 fantasy points (4x value) four times in his last ten games, and has only topped 4.5x value twice. Tonight is one of those night where you have to put aside some money to spend at PG. Unless you want to pay for inconsistency or backups.

My Lineups:

A: Westbrook and Knight ($18,400)

B: Westbrook and Curry ($21,300)

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Feb 25, 2015; Denver, CO, USA; Phoenix Suns guard Eric Bledsoe (2) shoots the ball during the second half against the Denver Nuggets at Pepsi Center. The Suns won 110-96. Mandatory Credit: Chris Humphreys-USA TODAY Sports

Shooting Guards:


J.R. Smith, Cavaliers ($5,300): Smith is a bit of a risk, but he has averaged 24.9 fantasy points per game as a Cavalier. That is right around 4.5x value. He may have trouble reaching that mark against the Warriors like he did against Detroit on Monday, but he should still find a way into the 20’s. If you can’t afford to spend on SG, Smith is a suitable option.

Anthony Morrow, Thunder ($3,700): Morrow has helped chew the minutes in the void left by Kevin Durant’s injury, and has responded with a 19.9 fantasy points per game average in those four games. He is a sneaky value play on a night that has very few of them available.

Worth The Cost:

Eric Bledsoe, Suns ($8,400): Bledsoe turned in another 4x value night last night against the Nuggets. Tonight he gets the Thunder, who have had problems defending the wing with Kevin Durant out all year. Dion Waiters is not a solid defender. Anthony Morrow is decent, but his offense is limited. Kyle Singler has had trouble picking things up, and has not played much over the last couple of games. Bledsoe could hit 40 again tonight, a mark that he has eclipsed four times in his last nine games.

Klay Thompson, Warriors ($7,100): Thompson seems to have broken out of his slump some. He carried the Warriors with Curry out on Sunday, and was a big part of the offense against a good Washington defense on Tuesday. I would expect to see him in the 30’s again tonight against Cleveland.

Risky Plays:

Dion Waiters, Thunder ($4,500): Waiters has experienced an uptick in minutes with Durant out as well, but still has not broken the 20 point fantasy barrier since February 8th. His inconsistent shooting, non-existent passing, and lackluster rebounding ability really decrease his fantasy output and make him a risky play. He almost needs to score 20 points to help your fantasy team in daily leagues, and that usually doesn’t happen.

Iman Shumpert, Cavaliers ($4,000): Shumpert has broken the 30 minute barrier in each of his last two games, and will continue to get a good run because of his defensive ability. He has averaged 20.4 fantasy points per game over his last three outings, so he could be a sneaky source of points tonight, but he also has the potential to fall well short of that.

My Lineups:

A: Bledsoe and Thompson ($15,500)

B: Waiters and Shumpert ($8,500)

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Feb 6, 2015; Phoenix, AZ, USA; Phoenix Suns forward P.J. Tucker (17) looks on against the Utah Jazz at US Airways Center. Mandatory Credit: Joe Camporeale-USA TODAY Sports

Small Forwards:


P.J. Tucker, Suns ($4,900): Tucker seems to have regained the starting SF job because of his strong play recently. He has averaged 27 fantasy points per game over his last eight outings. That in an average of 5.5x value every time on the court. With Kevin Durant out, I would bet he gets close to that once again, which makes him one of the best value plays of the night.

Andre Iguodala, Warriors ($4,500): Iguodala is mostly a forgotten option on a very deep team, but he has managed to top 20 fantasy points in four of his last five games, and is averaging 23.4 fantasy points per game in that span. He should be able to see a decent run on the court against Cleveland tonight as well due to his strong play off of the bench lately. 4.5x value (18 fantasy points) is a good possibility.

Worth The Cost:

LeBron James, Cavaliers ($10,400): If you want anyone to score you over 35 fantasy points at SF tonight, James is your only option. He has not been below 35 fantasy points in February. He won’t be a bargain at this price, but you are paying for sure production. If you have the money left after spending at PG, LeBron is worth paying for at a weak position.

Risky Plays:

Draymond Green, Warriors ($6,900): Green is still playing 30 minutes per game, but his fantasy output has been between 13.6 and 45 points over the last seven games. I would rather spend less money for a sure thing like Tucker and upgrade somewhere else than gamble on Green.

Kyle Singler, Thunder ($3,500): He has picked up starts for Durant, but still has not played more than 18 minutes in a game with his new team. Until the staff shows a willingness to play him more, he is too big of a risk to gamble on, even on a like night like tonight.

My Lineups:

A: Tucker and Iguodala ($9,400)

B: James and Tucker ($15,300)

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Feb 8, 2015; Cleveland, OH, USA; Cleveland Cavaliers forward Kevin Love (0) shoots the ball in the second quarter against the Los Angeles Lakers at Quicken Loans Arena. Mandatory Credit: David Richard-USA TODAY Sports

Power Forwards:


David Lee, Warriors ($5,300): Lee is still not playing 20 minutes a game, but he has topped 20 fantasy points in each of his last three games. He should get some playing time to bang around with Kevin Love and Timofey Mozgov against Cleveland. He could have a hard time getting to 4x value, but there isn’t much at the bottom of the PF heap.

Marcus Morris, Suns ($3,900): Morris will continue to see solid minutes in the Suns scheme. He has averaged 20 fantasy points per game over his last four games. There is a good chance that he gets you 5x value or close to it against the Thunder tonight.

Worth The Cost:

Kevin Love, Cavaliers ($8,300): Love has had back-to-back good games against the Knicks and Pistons. The game against the Pistons was surprising to most. The fact that he was able to do that against Detroit (41.3 fantasy points) bodes well for his prospects against Golden State. They have plenty of fresh, able bodies to throw at Love, but besides Ibaka, Love is the only one that consistently hits 30 fantasy points.

Serge Ibaka, Thunder ($7,200): Ibaka has been on a tear since the break. He has averaged 41.5 fantasy points per game in the four games since. If you don’t find a way to play him tonight agianst the smallish Suns, you need your head examined.

Risky Plays:

Markieff Morris, Suns ($6,500): His potential is hard to ignore, but I have found a way. He has had 25 fantasy points or less in seven of his last ten games. He needs 27 fantasy points for 4.5x value. He fails to make that mark more often than not.

Mitch McGary, Thunder ($4,000): He has only played 55 minutes over his last three games, but he has racked up 77 fantasy points in that span. He is usually worth it even in limited minutes. He might even be a more reliable option than David Lee. The fact that his minutes are so low still makes him a pretty substantial risk though.

My Lineups:

A: Ibaka and McGary ($11,200)

B: Ibaka and Marcus Morris ($11,100)

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Feb 24, 2015; Oklahoma City, OK, USA; Oklahoma City Thunder center Enes Kanter (34) attempts a shot against Indiana Pacers center Roy Hibbert (55) during the second quarter at Chesapeake Energy Arena. Mandatory Credit: Mark D. Smith-USA TODAY Sports



Alex Len, Suns ($5,000): Len has averaged 28.3 fantasy points in the four games since the team traded Miles Plumlee. That is nearly 6x value. He should be able to get close to that against Enes Kanter and the Thunder. Especially since he is well rested after playing only 21 minutes last night.

Worth The Cost:

Enes Kanter, Thunder ($5,800): Kanter has picked up in Oklahoma City where he left off in Utah. That is at a consistent 25-30 fantasy points per night. If you want consistency, go with Kanter. If you’re willing to take a little bit of a chance, go with our next option.

Timofey Mozgov, Cavaliers ($5,800): Mozgov’s tendency to wind up in foul trouble makes him a little bit of a risk. However, he has averaged 25.5 fantasy points per game over his last ten games, and has topped 30 a couple of times in that span. Him and Kanter are very similar, but Mozgov has a little bit better of a matchup. Kanter is a little more consistent, so take your pick.

Risky Play:

Brandan Wright, Suns ($3,600): Wright has averaged 18.3 fantasy points per game since the trade of Miles Plumlee. He has played nearly as well as Len, and has outperformed him from a per-minute standpoint. That said, Len isn’t losing the starting gig anytime soon, and anytime you play a guy averaging under 20 minutes a game, it is a risk.

My Lineups:

A: Len ($5,000)

B: Wright ($3,600)

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