Manchester City in talks with Real Madrid’s Carlo Ancelotti


Carlo Ancelotti is reportedly in ongoing talks with Manchester City 

This wouldn’t come as  a huge shock to many people in soccer as both Carlo Ancelotti and Manchester City’s Manuel Pellegrini are under severe pressure to keep their jobs.

Real Madrid are fresh off a defeat to arch rivals Barcelona which effectively handed the Catalan club the La Liga title. Yes there’s ten games left and the gap is only at four points, but the momentum is so far in Barcelona’s favor that anything other than a league win for Messi and company would be a massive surprise.

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Manchester City is in dire straits coming in to the final chapter of the season, they are out of all competitions, and it would seem that only a divine intervention or a miracle of mega proportions would allow them to retain their league title. Chelsea is six points clear with one game in hand, it would be more than a little shocking if Jose Mourinho’s men were to throw it away at this late stage.

A major nail in Pellegrini’s coffin was yet another disappointing campaign in Europe. They struggled to get out of their group, not winning a game until their second last fixture and escaping a group stage knockout on the final day. They finished second which set up a near impossible tie against Barcelona, the Spanish side got past Man City with little difficulty. have reported that the Italian manager is hedging his bets at Madrid by talking to Manchester City about a return to the Premier League. Ancelotti was previously at Chelsea and managed to win a Premier League title and an FA Cup, meaning he has experience in England that would more than benefit City who seem to be in a mini crisis.

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People are questioning the reports, implying that Manchester City wouldn’t have the lack of professionalism as to speak with Ancelotti while they are still employing Pellegrini. Well for those people who think there is still integrity in professional soccer or indeed at Manchester City let me remind you the executives of the club brought Roberto Mancini to the Etihad to watch a game while Mark Hughes was still the manager. Mancini would be hired only a few weeks later. So no, there is no character or professional curtosy when there are literally millions of pounds and pride on the line.

This would make sense for both parties in my opinion, Ancelotti’s days at Madrid seem numbered and it’s not a well kept secret that Manuel Pellegrini isn’t long for Man City. The English club don’t suffer failure lightly, and that’s what this season has been- a big fat utter failure.


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