Two lower level Greek soccer teams get in ridiculous brawl (video)


The fight, apparently between two Greek teams in 2013, comes complete with a head kick and chase across the field.

There’s been some massive brawls on the field and in the stands at soccer games before, but this one might take the crown in terms of absurdity. Things start to get out of control at about the 1:30 mark.

There’s just so much going on here. The brawl starts with a cheap shot by the goalie and one other player on the goal scorer, which is relatively harmless compared to everything else that happens.

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Things escalate when a third player decides to kick the goal scorer in the head, as head kicking tends to do. That leads to a high-speed chase of a separate player on the scoring team, who puts on some evasive jokes worthy of an NFL running back.

The referee gives out one red card at the beginning of the fracas before promptly bailing. There’s also a shirtless player involved.

Deadspin did some detective work and determined that the brawl took place lower-level Greek teams Asteras Exarchion and Hercules Peristeri in 2013. The Greek Super League, noted for its corruption, apparently intended for the video to be kept under wraps.

A rough translation of Asteras Exarchion’s statement about the release of the video, again from Deadspin:

"Goal, miscarriages, chase and wood. A catchy title, a copy paste content and the viewing audience delirious fonaskontas “But is it possible?”. Two years completed by this black page in the history of Star Exarcheion, because this game took place in early 2013 in Peristeri. Although many people have changed since the team’s Star, although the specific teammate us left the group the next day recognizing the tragic mistake, however, the burden of responsibility about this particular incident never sought to oust the fire outside."

That doesn’t clear much up about why everyone was so angry. Whatever the reason, that brawl is going to be tough to top.

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