Liverpool won’t sell Raheem Sterling despite contract break down


Raheem Sterling won’t be going anywhere according to reports

There has been a lot of talk regarding the young Englishman’s future after he reportedly turrned down £100,000 a week. Yes that’s right, a 20 year old said “No thank you” to £100,000 a week. When I was 20 I could only dream of earning that kind of money, but no; Sterling and his agent feel he is worth at least £150,000 a week.

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ESPN have reported that sources close to the club have stated that Liverpool won’t sell the winger regardless of his refusal to put pen to paper on a new deal. Contract talks began last October and after turning down the latest offer, Sterling has put the talks on hold until the end of the season.

Liverpool really don’t have any reason to sell the young star, considering he’s under contract until the summer of 2017 and even if his deal runs out and he moves to another club, Liverpool would have to be compensated due to the fact he will still be under 24 years old. (Rules are rules, and an independent panel would determine how much the club would be given)

Sterling is currently on  £35,000, so you would think the young man would snatch the wage increase from the clubs generous hands, but no. Granted he has been a star for Liverpool, but due to his relative inexperience or consistency most people feel as though  £100,000 would be more than enough compensation.  £150,000 would put Sterling in to the top earners list at Anfield, something that would be scandalous for a man so young.

There has been some complaints that the contract talks have put a damper on the youngsters season and is affecting his performances. A lot of Liverpool fans are getting upset with the star’s reluctance to sign a new deal, and a few are questioning his loyalty.

Liverpool are currently 5th in the Premier League, five points behind arch rivals Manchester United. They have a crucial game coming up against Arsenal on Saturday with most people predicting a loss would see Liverpool’s hopes of Champions League qualification come to an end.


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