2015 SEC Spring Game attendances: Alabama, Auburn top April 18 list

There were a few SEC spring games that were played on Saturday and it’s no surprise that the Alabama schools were way ahead of everyone else in attendance

Saturday brought us yet another slew of college football spring games around the nation, and from what is still considered the best conference in the game, the SEC, we were treated to five exhibition contests.

Now aside from the positional battles on the field, what a lot of people look for with these games are how many fans came out to watch. Hell, for the most part, spring game attendances are becoming like a badge of honor to some fan bases.

With that being said, what did the SEC spring game attendances look like on Saturday? Well, it was pretty Auburn and Alabama top-heavy, that’s for sure.

Now yes, these are just announced attendances and not the actual numbers, but it still means that the official numbers are in these general ballparks.

It’s not all that surprising that Alabama and Auburn are topping the list in a big way, seeing as they’ve more or less been the crown jewels of the SEC for the past two seasons. They’re the last two champions of the conference, and both have high expectations coming into this season. Plus, at least as far as Alabama goes, the fan have been showing up in droves ever since Nick Saban arrived on campus.

Of course, as far as spring game attendance goes, the amazing stat of the day didn’t even come from the SEC, rather that came from the Big Ten and the defending national champion Ohio State Buckeyes, who packed over 99,000 people into the Horeshoe for their game on Saturday.