Lionel Messi falls on his face after celebrating 400th goal with FC Barcelona


You can laugh at him, but he’s still Lionel Messi.

There’s a few people who can get away with making themselves look like fools, and Lionel Messi is definitely one of those people.

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Yesterday against Valencia, one of the all-time greats made his resume even more impressive when Messi scored his 400th career goal with FC Barcelona. The goal put his team up 2-0 at stoppage time, but even better yet, it gave us a great blooper of him falling right on his face while he was trying to celebrate his career achievement.

He was on his was to going crazy and celebrating – as he should – but he lost his feet and fell right on his face. Oops!

The best thing out of all of this might be how the broadcast originally missed his celebration-to-blooper and didn’t cut in until he was on the ground and his teammates were celebrating with him. We are just incredibly lucky and fortunate that this new footage of what actually happened came out.

This would be really embarrassing for nearly anyone (just imagine all the people watching you), but Messi isn’t a normal person – he’s bigger than this and was probably able to quickly shake it off and laugh at his little mistake.

In 32 games in the 2014-15 Spanish Primera Divison, Messi already has 35 goals and 16 assists. I’m sure the remainder of the season will be filled with him doing things he can laugh at rather than things that will get people laughing at him.

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