Charlie Weis is still cashing paychecks from Notre Dame

Charlie Weis was paid over $2 million by Notre Dame last year … he was canned by the Fighting Irish in 2009


Remember that time long, long ago, when Charlie Weis coached at Notre Dame and he told his players that they would win, like, infinity games because of a “decided schematic advantage”?

And then remember how the whole sports media landscape and all the Notre Dame haters laughed and laughed (and laughed some more) when he bottomed out after five seasons with a milquetoast 35-27 record?

Yeaaaaaahhh, about that …

Maybe Charlie Weis really was the smartest guy in the room. After all, he did just get paid out to the tune of $2.054 million last year by Notre Dame – despite being fired from the university in 2009. According to ESPN, which requested and received federal tax returns from Notre Dame, 2013-14 was the fourth consecutive year Weis had “earned” such a sum.

The sum paid to Weis to not coach the Irish — already at a total of $14,857,379 because he has now received four straight payments of $2,054,744 from Notre Dame, following an initial payment of $6,638,403 after his firing — could end up exceeding $18 million by next winter.

Factor in that Weis was also canned by Kansas in 2014, and was owed $5.63 million by the Jayhawks, and ol’ Chaz is doing pretty well for himself.

Now remember when, earlier this year, Weis said he was likely done coaching forever – a retirement ceremony before even turning 60?

There’s your “decided schematic advantage” front and center: failing upward.