Pirates offering sexual donuts to fans in bizarre promotion


Baseball teams are forever offering unique promotions to get fans into the seats, but the Pittsburgh Pirates may have taken the cake (donut).

Auto-correct gets the better of all of us from time to time, and sometimes in hilarious or even embarrassing ways. We’ve all been the victim of hitting the send button before fully reading out text messages, Facebook or Twitter updates, or even occasionally in hurried emails.

However, the Pittsburgh Pirates may want to scrutinize their posts just a little more in the future.

In an apparent promotion with the local Dunkin Donuts, the Pirates partnered with the store to offer free tickets to customers and the possibility of picking up a “sexual” donut. The promotion was run through the team’s Instagram account, and has since been taken down, but the team at Awful Announcing were quick enough to grab a photo of the image before it’s removal.

Sexual Donuts
Sexual Donuts /

Now, being the adventerous type of person that I am, I tried to figure out exactly what a “sexual” donut is, at least within the confines of safe searching. While I tripped across the infamous ‘Senor Donut’ scene from the 2008 comedy Sex Drive, and this unique suggestion from the folks at Cosmopolitan, I was unable to get a firm confirmation of what a “sexual” donut truly is.

Calls to the Pittsburgh Pirates and Dunkin Donuts on the subject went unanswered, so I wasn’t able to find out if there was a special flavor associated here or if it was a trademarked recipe, but apparently the short life span of the advertisement meant that the unique pastry was in limited supply.

Or at the very least, someone’s copy editor finally saw the post and used it as a lesson as to how to properly create and edit a promotion before posting it for all to see.

(h/t Awful Announcing)

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