Did FOX jinx Indians’ Carlos Carrasco and his no-hitter with an on-screen graphic


Did the FOX broadcast jinx the Indians’ Carlos Carrasco and his no-hitter, maybe.

For the third night in a row, the Cleveland Indians took a perfect game into the fifth inning with Carlos Carrasco on the mound. The Tampa Bay Rays have been facing an unprecedented run of pitching excellence from Indians pitchers. That stretch of perfect innings to start a game is a feat that last occurred in 1961.

But it wasn’t to be, and Carlos Carrasco walked a batter to end the perfect game bid in the 7th inning. Down to his final at bat in the ninth inning, Carrasco still had a no-hitter on the line. Then Rays designated hitter Joey Butler, the man who was walked in the 7th to break up the perfect game, hit a single to right field to end the no-hitter as well.

So the question with these pitching feats is who jinxed it and who ruined it? Every baseball fans that when a perfect game or no hitter is on the line you don’t mention it by name.

Heck, SportsCenter wouldn’t even mention it in a tweet telling everyone to tune in.

The FOX broadcast which was airing the game on the other hand, they didn’t care one bit. In fact they had an on-air graphic with “no-hitter” displayed while Butler was up at bat and as he ended it.


For those curious about the ESPN logo and ticker, the screen shot was taken during a live look-in of the game.

And the graphic was literally up while Butler was breaking up the no-hitter.

We won’t say FOX broke up the no-hitter, we’ll let you decide. Let us know in the comments below what you think.

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