Kevin Love confirms pool date with LeBron convinced him to return

Kevin Love returned to the Cleveland Cavaliers in the most Kevin Love way possible, and it was all sealed by a pool date with LeBron James. 

Kevin Love is returning to Cleveland on a five year max contract — but that’s not the most important thing about his decision to return.

Sure, Love returning to the Cavs is something that makes the team title contenders they failed to be without him. But like a WWE wrestler coming out from behind the curtain after a long absence, this is the return of peak Kevin Love. This past season saw Love go into a shell and retreat from the Ric Flair spinoff he started to become in his final years with the Timberwolves.

That guy is back.

On Wednesday afternoon, Love confirmed that he was returning to Cleveland in a way that only he could. To top things off, his pool date with LeBron James was a more cathartic moment then we all thought.



There was literally no other way Kevin Love could have announced his return to Cleveland. From the short-form about the life and times of Kevin Love, to the photoshoot that looks like something GAP thought of in the mid-90s, this was about as peak Kevin Love as it gets.

And it’s only going to get better.

This is the same guy who took a magazine article about him and made it even more about him when he brought up not totally wanting to leave Minnesota back in 2013. This is the same guy who LeBron James threw shade at and he swatted it away like a champ.

Kevin Love finally has security he hasn’t had before. He’s locked in for the next five years with Cleveland, and no matter how LeBron James feels about him, peak Kevin Love is making a triumphant return and the world of basketball just became a better place because of it.