Charlie Strong: Texas will not have alternate uniforms

In a world where flashy uniforms are prominent, Charlie Strong says Texas will not be joining the trend

If there is anything that’s the norm in college football anymore, it’s programs getting some new, flashy alternate uniforms. It actually helps in recruiting a bit and the current players like them as well. However, some traditional college football folks aren’t all that big a fans of this, especially for the traditional programs — you know, like Texas.

Well, Texas fans, have no fear because your head coach, Charlie Strong, has no plans on letting the uniforms drastically change anytime soon.

At Big 12 Media Days, Strong reassured that the Longhorns will not have any alternate uniforms coming their way in the future.

This is probably the smart move right here, because Texas fans would more than likely go out of their collective minds if the Texas uniforms ever looked noticeably different. The Longhorns have that distinct look that many love, so a change would probably bring about World War 3.