Dez Bryant isn’t pleased with his rating on Madden

Credit: SportsDayDFW (Twitter)
Credit: SportsDayDFW (Twitter) /

Dez Bryant had some strong thoughts about his speed rating on Madden NFL 16.

With Madden NFL 16 player ratings being released all of this week, there’s bound to be some uproar from fans who think their favorite players should be rated higher. We’ve even seen EA Sports being forced to take some shots at the Seattle Seahawks on Twitter after the Seahawks refuted Marshawn Lynch’s rating. Now players themselves are asking questions about their ratings.

As you might expect, the forever outspoken Dallas Cowboys wide receiver Dez Bryant had something to say about his Madden ratings. Surely he was fine with his 98 ratings in Catching, Jumping, and Spectacular Catch. However, it’s his 89 Speed rating that he had a bit of an issue with. He tweeted directly at the source, saying this in a since deleted tweet captured by screenshot (Warning: NSFW language):

Credit: Cameron_young_5 (Twitter)
Credit: Cameron_young_5 (Twitter) /

If you want to say anything about Dez, it shouldn’t be that he minces his words.

For what it’s worth, Bryant didn’t only go into business for himself. When someone commented on EA Sports’ Speed rating for Kansas City Chiefs running back Jamal Charles being just 92, Dez expressed his displeasure once again:

The Madden Twitter account has yet to respond. For Bryant’s sake, he should hope they aren’t going to fire back in the same manner that they did against the Seahawks. For entertainment’s sake, we anxiously await their reply.

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