Ravens’ Brandon Williams dancing ‘The Carlton’ is very spectacular (Video)

Watching Baltimore Ravens defensive tackle Brandon Williams do “The Carlton” might be the best thing you see today

Baltimore Ravens defensive tackle Brandon Williams is a very, very large man. To play defensive tackle for the Ravens –or any team in the NFL for that matter– this is kind of a pretty big requirement. However, don’t let his size fool you when it comes to his dance skills.

Especially when it comes to pulling off a rendition of a very popular dance move from the ’90s.

Most of us that are of the right age certainly remember “The Carlton” from the Fresh Prince of Bel-Air. It was one of the goofiest dance moves that we’ve ever seen, but to this day it remains a pop culture hit. Well, you’re gonna absolutely love when you see Williams just straight nailing it!

#Mood Excited to go to Philadelphia and hit someone else for a change #MyCarltonOnFleek #BetYouCantDoItLikeMe #Throwback

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That right there is definitely a man that’s pretty excited that football is back. He’s so excited to get on the field with the Philadelphia Eagles this week that he gave us this gem. For that, we must thank him, because this is just awesome.

So, now, it must become a rule that when Williams sacks someone going forward, he whips this out. Make it happen, big man.