Denver Nuggets mascot truck-sticks, taunts little kid (Video)

Little kids should be wary of playing football with the Denver Nuggets mascot

Young children playing football with mascots seems like the most innocent and adorable thing in the entire world. It’s little kids running around with oversized caricatures of animals and people; how could that possibly be anything but fun. For one little kid, the answer to that is playing with the Denver Nuggets mascot.

This young man is just taking it up the sideline when the Nuggets mascot, Rock the Mountain Lion, decided to unleash the fury on him:

There are just so many things wrong here. Someone should probably tell Rocky to cool it with the truck stick. While they’re at it, also let him know that the taunting afterwards was more than unnecessary. How does the ref not throw a flag there? That’s definitely unsportsmanlike conduct. Just look at the smug smile on Rocky’s face. This is an outrage.

To the young man’s credit, he took the hit like a champ and wasn’t even remotely fazed by Rocky standing over him after the hit. Perhaps the fact that a furry mascot with a big grin plastered on his face doesn’t exactly scream intimidating helped in that matter.

Regardless, if Rocky isn’t given a hefty fine for that hit and his taunting, it’ll be a travesty.

H/T to SB Nation

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