Josh McCown tries a helicopter touchdown, fumbles instead (Video)

Josh McCown remembered that he played for the Browns and promptly fumbled in spectacular fashion in Week 1. 

When the Cleveland Browns went into this offseason, they thought that they were going to form a fantastic quarterback tandem with Johnny Manziel. What ended up happening was so atypical of Cleveland that it almost makes too much sense that it ended up happening — as the Browns ended up with Josh McCown as their starter.

That hasn’t worked out so well for them so far in Week 1. After driving the field, the Browns put the ball in McCown’s hands to run the ball into the end zone — which looked good right up until it came to closing out and making it count.

McCown dove for the endzone doing his best John Elway impression but ended up fumbling instead and probably getting concussed in the process.

Just watch, it’s so Cleveland that it literally hurts to watch.

McCown was supposed to be the saving grace for the Browns this season — which right there tells you all you need to know about the thought process behind the Browns this season.

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