South Carolina players fight Georgia, then each other (Video)


Steve Spurrier lost control of the game against Georgia and quickly lost control of his own players. 

When Steve Spurrier returned for another year at South Carolina, it made college football fans all over the place happy that their nostalgia would live for another year. But South Carolina is learning quickly that the end is nigh for Spurrier, as he quickly lost control of both the game against Georgia and then his own players.

The main offenses came late in the fourth quarter of a blowout by Georgia. After a slew of penalties against Georgia, including an offensive pass interference, South Carolina bailed the Bulldogs out by trying to start a fight.

Basically all this did was cancel out the pass interference penalty that would have benefited South Carolina and additionally fired up the Bulldogs friendly crowd. It was already a 45-20 game at the time of this fight — which is more like a scuffle — but you try telling that to a scrappy Gamecocks players who ended up fighting each other a play later.

This might be the end for Steve Spurrier and it’s as sad of an end as we could have imagined. Spurrier isn’t going gracefully, and this is going to be a game we look back on and begin the trajectory for a once legendary head coach and his ride to the college football afterlife.

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