Florida Gators has 12 men on field, didn’t ice Vols kicker


The Florida Gators appeared to ice the Tennessee kicker at the end of Saturday’s game, but they were actually saving themselves.

When the Florida Gators came back and took the lead over the Tennessee Volunteers late in Saturday’s game, there was a moment of panic before the game was over. This came when the Gators appeared to ice the Tennessee kicker after he attempted a long field goal that essentially ended up being a practice run.

Fans lost their minds when the Gators called a timeout, but there was actually a really good reason as to why that timeout was used. Sure, it was a free kick for the Volunteers but it also saved the Gators in a massively important way.

As it turns out, a careful look at the field before the Gators took their last timeout shows that they had 12 men on the field.

Had that timeout not been called, there’s a pretty good chance that a flag would have been thrown and Tennessee would have been given new life. If that had happened, we would all be singing a very different tune about the two head coaches who showed up today.

Butch Jones is getting bashed for the loss, but we need to give serious praise to Jim McElwain for — well, doing his job.

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