Report: MiLB team owner says ‘deal in place’ for D-League expansion in Omaha

The NBA D-League is certainly a business model in its growth stage. The league has an all-time high of 19 teams this season and every single one of them are affiliated with an NBA team. That leaves 11 teams without an affiliate right now, which means there are most likely all kinds of deals in the works behind the scenes. recently spoke with Gary Green, owner of the Storm Chasers (minor league team of the Kansas City Royals), about the potential of the D-League expanding into Omaha, Nebraska. Not only does he says it’s a possibility, it sounds imminent.

“We’ve had talks with the NBA and the guys in the D-League and they absolutely want to have a team in Omaha. We’re having trouble getting an affiliation because, unlike baseball, most of these NBA teams want to have their minor league in their backyard. Baseball cares about the market they play in and their popularity. The D-League doesn’t seem to care quite as much about that.


We have to reach for Minnesota, Denver and places further away. There is one team that I would say we’re on the back burner, kind of moving toward the front burner hopefully.”

“We have a deal with the D-League in place,” he continued. “We just gotta find a franchise now.”

That is as clear-cut of a statement as you will get from any business man regarding the addition of a D-League team.

While proximity is paramount for D-League and NBA teams, the important of simply having a team is so great right now that there could be a number of clubs vying for this location as we speak.

Listen to the entire interview here.