Zack Greinke: 3 Best Fantasy Free Agent Locations


Zack Greinke predictably declined his player option with the Dodgers this week, leaving him as one of, if not the most, sought after free agent in baseball heading into 2016. Greinke couldn’t have pitched any better in 2015, so with his value at an all-time high suitors shouldn’t to be hard to find.

From a fantasy perspective it is probably safe to assume that anywhere Greinke winds up he will be one of the top pitchers taken at the draft, but there are some places that shape up as fantasy boosting locations.

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Here are three top potential fantasy landing spots for 2016:

Los Angeles Dodgers

We shouldn’t really overthink this one too much. He dominated in L.A. and they certainly have the funds to give him anything he wants. Greinke has also shown that he thoroughly enjoys hitting, so I would be surprised to see him sign in the AL unless someone blows him away with an offer. Greinke had a, 10W/ 1.46 ERA/103 K/0.81 WHIP, at home in 2015, clearly he’s comfortable there and the Dodgers have shown the commitment to do whatever needed for them to stay among one of the NL best.

San Francisco Giants

With questions marks to the entire staff, outside of that Bumgarner guy who looks like he will be good someday, the Giants should be in the market for rotation help in 2016. For his career he has a 1.78 ERA at AT & T Park, so his pitching approach certainly plays well there. With Greinke having the ability to strike guys out and force weak contact, the thought of his possible stat line in San Fran is mouthwatering. The Giants serve as one of the better fantasy landing spots for Greinke so bump him up another notch if he winds up signing there, plus they have the added incentive to weaken the Dodgers and improve themselves immensely in one move.

Miami Marlins

This would be one of the more entertaining landing spots for Greinke because if he could team up with a healthy Jose Fernandez, it would challenge anyone in baseball as the best 1-2 pitching combo. I am not a huge fan of Jeffry Loria in the slightest, but he could help somewhat restore his image amongst the fanbase and even the team if he could lure a free agent with this type of caliber to Miami and keep him there.

Don’t think they lack the money to sign him either, they certainly have enough to make a run at him since their payroll didn’t even crack 60 million total in 2015. If he could find a way to Miami the same principles apply to his value as it did in the San Fran example, the huge ballpark would only further his potential value. In his only two starts at Marlins Park, his ERA is 0.57!

I’ll reiterate that no matter where he signs he will more than likely have success. Last season was certainly a year for the ages, so do not hold that as your base expectation heading into 2016. Greinke is obviously one of the true fantasy aces, and even if he finds his way to a less favorable ballpark or situation, do not be afraid to target him