Mike Evans scores touchdown (Video)


Buccaneers’ wide receiver Mike Evans has scored a touchdown.

Jameis Winston is really starting to play well, and his Tampa Bay Buccaneers are sneakily working their way to a very impressive season. Under the orchestration of their rookie quarterback, Tamp Bay has elevated itself from the No. 1 pick to a very steady 5-6 record. After this Mike Evans touchdown, the Bucs are looking as though they may well get to .500 and can dream of a post season berth via an NFC wildcard spot.

Mike Evans has been hounded by drops this season. Although he started the season injured, when he entered the fray, his hands still looked a little rusty. Fortunately for him, Winston has been force feeding him the ball over the past few games, and Evans is beginning to receive the rewards of being the number one receiver.

With the game in the balance, and after a crazy Jameis Winston run, Tampa Bay worked they way up to the Atlanta Falcons’ six yard line. On the ensuing play, Winston was flushed out the pocket to his right. On the move, he looked up, surveyed the field and fired a laser into the body of Mike Evans. Evans simply had to make sure everything was in bounds, such was the quality of the throw.

The touchdown puts the Bucs ahead of the Falcons with only 1:39 remaining. Thankfully for Tampa Bay, Matt Ryan decided to be Matt Ryan and throw yet another crucial pick to end the game with a victory for the Buccaneers. Moving to 6-6 now gives Winston and his Bucs a real shot at an NFC wild card spot, and perhaps rules out the Falcons as their dreadful run continues.