NFL Team Logos: Redesigned and improved

Graphic Designer Addison Foote underwent the task of creating new, bold NFL team logos. 

In just 12 days, Addison Foote designed new logos for all 32 NFL teams. Foote’s designs feature several teams’ logos that have been created with a nostalgic feel in mind. Foote also created a few logos that are a little more different than their official versions.

Check out some of the redesigned logos below. If you wish to see all the 32 NFL team logos, click here.

 Atlanta Falcons


The Atlanta Falcons have an interesting logo redesign. The concept of the logo is still the same black-red falcon, with the bird being shaped into the letter F. However, Foote’s version looks edgier, darker, and all around it’s a tougher-looking image. If the Atlanta Falcons could adopt these changes, maybe the team might play a little more physically on Sundays?

Denver Broncos


In this redesigned logo, the Denver Broncos emblem has received influences from the team’s older logos, dating back to 1970. Whereas the team’s current logo features a left side view of the mascot and the city’s name being displayed below it, the logo seen above displays a glaring Bronco glancing to his right. Also, it seems the bronco is hovering in front of the D (as in Denver) in a protective stance, as if the mascot was protecting his city.

Overall, this logo brings in a vintage feeling which would bring this historic franchise back to its roots.

Los Angeles Rams


The Los Angeles Rams, formerly the St. Louis Rams, have not released information on if they will alter their logo now that the team is relocating cities. However, if the Rams did decide to change their logo, then the team should choose this design.

This Rams logo is a vast improvement over the current logo. The best feature about the redesigned logo above is that the ram is looking straight ahead. If placed on a jersey, it would look incredibly intimidating. In the NFL today, there are at least 10 teams that have a sideways looking logo. By having the ram looking straight ahead it makes the logo standout and become memorable.

Tennessee Titans


The Tennessee Titans are a victim of having one of the dullest logos in the NFL. When selecting this logo, former owner Bud Adams stated that he wanted a “[logo]  to reflect strength, leadership, and other heroic qualities.” The logo created by Foote represents the qualities that Bud Adams wanted.

It was an excellent choice to move away from the blazing shield concept, and towards an iron-clad hero. Changes to the existing logo like this would put the remembering, back into the Titans.