NFL Free Agency: Atlanta Falcons still don’t have deal done with Mohamed Sanu


The Atlanta Falcons are still waiting for a visit with free agent wide receiver Mohamed Sanu before a contract can be worked out.

While plenty of free agents are signing contracts left and right with new NFL teams as the free agency period officially began on Wednesday, there are some players and teams that are taking a step back and a deep breath. That doesn’t mean deal won’t get done…just that things have to play out in due time.

Such is the case with the Atlanta Falcons and free agent wide receiver Mohamed Sanu. According to multiple sources, a deal could be worked out between the two sides but not until a meeting takes place, which will reportedly happen later Wednesday night:

Other outlets have reported that the team is willing to offer Sanu a contract in the neighborhood of five years for $30 million, while some have said it could be for closer to $7 million a season once the two sides have finished negotiating. The New England Patriots reportedly expressed interest in signing Sanu, but sources say Sanu wants to sign with Atlanta.

Drafted in 2012 out of Rutgers, Sanu has spent the first four years of his career with the Cincinnati Bengals, where he has gained just under 1,800 yards receiving to go along with 11 touchdowns receptions. He provided a quality supporting role to the team’s star receiver, A.J. Green.