Klay Thompson and Monty Williams connect for a touchdown


Let me tell you a story about Klay Thompson. When Klay was growing up on the West Coast, he had a football glued to his hands. Later in life he realized that if he didn’t adhere the ball to himself he could throw it to other people. This changed his whole world. Teamwork was born. “Guys, look!” He’d exclaim. “The football isn’t stuck to my hand any more! I can make it go places by moving my arm a direction and letting the ball go! I can pick any direction I want!” Everyone was very proud of him, and many of us still are.

His friends called him “Klay ‘Football is good’ Thompson.” Sometimes on rainy days, he would throw footballs at one of the 18 basketball hoops that his father had inconspicuously set up around the house. They’d fly deftly, bonk around a bit, but rarely go in. Klay would think to himself, “Something about this isn’t right.”

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Then on one magical Christmas morning, Klay’s father replaced the football with a basketball. Klay Thompson continued to throw at the basketball hoops, but now they would go in. Klay was none the wiser, and a few short years later Klay Thompson was an NBA star.

Today much of Klay’s football career is lost, but legend has it that if you look hard enough, you can find a family video of Klay Thompson’s best footballings on YouTube set to “All Star” by Smash Mouth.

None of that story is true, but this pass is still spiffy:


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Monty Williams has great accuracy. Jimmy Butler is getting ready for next season by not having the ball in his hands. Klay Thompson catches as if some sticky substance was helping him. Maybe the legends are true after all.