Wilson Chandler catches 350-pound mutant grouper fish


Wilson Chandler has serious skills on the high seas. He’s pretty good on the basketball court too, when he’s healthy. But if his hardwood acumen ever leaves him, Space Jam-style, he has a future as a competitive fisherman—or, more specifically, as a professional catcher of mutant-sized groupers.

Chandler has the photographic and video evidence to justify his trawling chops. He landed a 350-pound grouper over the weekend, a fish that is every bit as big as you could fathom.

Here he is reeling in the small country-sized thing:

Here’s a picture of it floating alongside the boat, in all its massive glory:

And here’s good ol’ Wilson getting ready to give it a hug, ride it like a dolphin or use it as the slimiest surf board in the history of wave-riding water sports:

Full disclosure: I look at these pictures both impressed and heartbroken. I’m not an outdoorsy man’s man. I don’t fish, I don’t hunt, and I’ve never used oversized leaves as toilet paper. I hate the idea of animals, including fish, being killed for sport.

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At the same time, I’m not a vegan. I eat meat and fish. That makes me a hypocrite, in which case, I can’t help but marvel at the size of an oceanic monster that can benchpress more than LeBron James.

Plus, maybe Chandler threw it back after his photo op. Or perhaps he has a salt-water swimming pool that doubles as a large-ass lake in his backyard, which he will now use to house this fish as a pet and aquatic best friend.

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Whatever Chandler did with Magikarp-on-steroids here—I’m partial to the best friends forever pipe dream—he deserves some serious props for his sea-creature-corralling tact. Dude got skillz.