New Titanfall 2 gameplay trailer focuses on the Pilots


In a new gameplay trailer released by Respawn Entertainment for the upcoming sequel, Titanfall 2, the focus is on the Pilots.

For Titanfall 2, it looks like developer Respawn Entertainment is focusing a lot on the Pilots rather than the Titans, which were the primary focus of the first game. Most of the game revolves around players doing enough as Pilots to call in their Titans, but it’s evident that the Pilots are much more useful.

From the gunplay to the movement to even some of the abilities, we can definitely see Pilots being able to compete with the Titans now.

In the new trailer, we get a nice little glimpse at what exactly players will be able to do as Pilots, and it looks awesome. Check it out below:

Pilots are described as the fastest and most highly skilled predators on the Frontier. A blog post from the official Titanfall website goes into more detail about Pilots.

Explained as “Five Reasons to Want to Be a Pilot,” those reasons include Pilots being an extension, Pilots being the future, Pilots are smarter, Pilots get tactical, and Pilots know how to move.

The extension part explains how powerful a Pilot can be when they’re linked to their Titan. They can only be stopped by an overwhelming force or an equal.

Another interesting fact that separates Pilots from everyone else are their ability to get tactical. Since they fight differently, they can use their movement, their tactical fighting style, and their equipment — such as a grappling hook and sonar pulse — to get an advantage on their enemies.

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In another blog post, the team focuses on the PC specs for the game, and it’s safe to say that based on performance and graphics, PC is the place to play Titanfall 2. You can check out the specs here.

Titanfall 2 will launch on October 28, 2016.