PlayStation Experience 2016: New Horizon Zero Dawn trailer (Video)

Credit: Horizon Zero Dawn PSX 2016 trailer screenshot
Credit: Horizon Zero Dawn PSX 2016 trailer screenshot /

Horizon: Zero Dawn is one of the most anticipated games of 2017. At the PlayStation Experience, we got a brand-new trailer for the upcoming game.

The best news about this game is that it’s almost here. But, for right now, we’ll take all the footage and news we can get from Horizon: Zero Dawn. Guerilla Games began development back in 2011. Following the release of Killzone 3, they decided to work on an entirely new franchise. It was clear that out of all the ideas, Horizon Zero Dawn was the riskiest.

However, the developers decided to go for it. So far, it looks like the game is paying off in every way. With every new detail we learn about the game and all the footage we’ve seen, we’re in absolute awe of it.

Horizon Zero Dawn has all the potential to be an absolute masterpiece. The characters, the beautiful world, and the combat all look very interesting. In the new trailer, we got an in-depth look at what to expect from the game’s plot.

In Horizon Zero Dawn, you’ll play as Aloy, a hunter and an archer. Living in a world which is overrun by mechanical robot-like animals, Aloy has been set away from this her entire life. But, one day, she sets out on her own journey to discover a world she doesn’t know.

Being an archer, Aloy wields these weapons and uses different types of ranged attacks. But, she also uses melee weapons for close quarter combat and stealth attacks.

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As stated before, the game is also an open world environment. So, Aloy can explore this entire world, where she’ll discover a bunch of different robots, a variety of different tribes, and partake in quests.

Horizon Zero Dawn will launch on February 28, 2017, exclusively on the PS4.