The Warriors have found their world-destroying stride


With Klay Thompson’s 60-point outburst and then the casual dismantling of the Los Angeles Clippers, it appears as if the Golden State Warriors are finding their world-destroying stride. Meanwhile, the Cleveland Cavaliers responded to a brief slide by taking down the Toronto Raptors and then goofing off against the New York Knicks. Should we just shut the regular season down now?

Never! That why Fastbreak Breakfast is here! We don’t need to hit the big picture stuff, especially when we are trying to discern the lack of playing time for Udonis Haslem and the mysteries of Kyle O’Quinn’s cryptic Twitter messages. So fix yourself a hot plate of your favorite foods and start your day with a brand new episode of Fastbreak Breakfast (and catch up on our quarter-season power rankings if you missed those).

Time Stamps

  • 1:40 Unstoppable gambling tips from our Patreon-only fan chat
  • 4:00 Heartfelt “Breakfast in Bed Apologies” for the numerous factual errors that slipped through our intensive vetting process
  • 7:30 A make-up “International Stackhouse of Pancakes” (#ISHOP) to recognize spectacularly bad shooting performances that we forgot
  • 11:00 Are Steve Kerr and Phil Jackson advancing the marijuana discussion in the NBA in a positive way?
  • 15:35 The bizarre restricted free agency of Donatas Motiejūnas, as guided by his agent B.J. Armstrong
  • 20:30 Belatedly washing our hands of Matt Barnes
  • 26:00 Marveling at the Warriors juggernaut and stoking the “Kevin Durant for MVP” flames
  • 27:30 John Wall and the woeful Washington Wizards
  • 32:30 Another difficult “Game of Scones,” this time in honor of Tristan Thompson’s unusual stat line
  • 39:50 Since when do we count how many seconds a player touches the ball during a game?
  • 44:00 Will Marc Gasol ever miss a clutch shot?

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