NES Classic will reappear at Best Buy stores on Dec. 20

Mini NES Classic Edition
Mini NES Classic Edition /

Still trying to snag an NES Classic or two for a holiday gift? Best Buy may very well be your last chance to get one before Christmas Day.

For many a Nintendo fan, this holiday season has contained plenty of disappointments. Although Nintendo promised to restock NES Classic Editions regularly since releasing them last month, that simply hasn’t been the case. Well, more accurately, it’s been the case, but not in sufficient quantities for everyone to get one.

However, Nintendo has once again given us poor souls hope. According to Fortune, Best Buy stores will have “limited quantities” in-store only on Dec. 20. Presumably, this means that Best Buys will get 12 at best. Additionally, these will be sold as first-come, first-served. (You may want to start researching your local store’s opening hours now.)

For those thinking that they’ll just go online and find one that way, you have disappointment coming your way. In-store only means that there won’t be any available online. It’s go outside or bust.

That may actually be for the best, though. Both Walmart and Amazon have had recent bursts of stock in the past few weeks. Both times, they sold out within mere seconds. At this point, one has to wonder how many resellers have already made a pretty penny on the secondary market for this hot item.

For those unaware, the NES Classic is just a smaller version of the original Nintendo Entertainment System. However, it doesn’t use cartridges, so you can stop looking for your rubbing alcohol and getting ready to blow some air into them. Instead, 30 games come pre-loaded onto the system, including The Legend of ZeldaFinal Fantasy, and Super Mario Bros. Additionally, the system uses an HDMI cable, but still faithfully recreates the classic 8-bit graphics.

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The NES Classic retails for $60, should you be lucky enough to find one. If you plan on going to Best Buy next week, may the odds be ever in your favor.