The Browns oddly had more bets placed to win Super Bowl than the Falcons


More people bet on the Cleveland Browns to make it to the Super Bowl than bet on the Atlanta Falcons.

The Atlanta Falcons and their high-powered offense will face the New England Patriots in Super Bowl LI. Strangely, the Cleveland Browns had more bets placed than the Falcons this past off-season to go to the Super Bowl, according to this article.

"When the NFL season kicked off in September, sportsbook operator CG Technology had taken more bets on the Cleveland Browns to win the Super Bowl than it had on the Falcons.Five months later, the sportsbooks are feeling good about their positions heading into Super Bowl LI.The Falcons opened as 3-point underdogs against the New England Patriots in the Super Bowl."

It’s great to see Cleveland Browns fans show optimism, but it’s also even greater to see realistic outcomes. The Browns haven’t reached the playoffs since 2002. With the disaster that was Johnny Manziel, they weren’t expected to in 2016, either. The optimism inspired by the arrival of Robert Griffin III made Browns fans jump the gun. But an early-season injury for RG3 derailed their season, and they ended up 1-15.

And it’s hard to imagine too many people are disappointed the Falcons, not the Browns, will be taking on the Patriots in the Super Bowl. Patriots head coach Bill Belichick will have his hands full with the Falcons potent offense, while Falcons head coach Dan Quinn will have to counter Belichick’s quick-strike offense. The offensive play of both teams over this season has been extremely efficient. It should make for an exciting game.

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So while Browns fans wanted to shoot for the stars, to paraphrase Kanye West, they fell and landed on the stars.