ELEAGUE announces broadcast talent for Street Fighter V Invitational

ELEAGUE host Richard Lewis will return when the Turner and IMG-backed venture comes back with the Street Fighter V Invitational next month.

Gaming fans know who will be calling the next ELEAGUE tournament after the Turner and IMG-backed venture announced the broadcast talent for its upcoming Street Fighter V Invitational.

Host Richard Lewis is the only member of the original talent roster who will be returning to the desk on March 27. Lewis will once again serve as master of ceremonies for the Street Fighter V Invitational, just as he has for the previous two Counter-Strike: Global Offensive tournaments.

But since ELEAGUE is not focusing on CS:GO this summer, there’s a need for brand new casters and analysts to work alongside Lewis. Turner and IMG have recruited four Street Fighter V experts who will be pulling double duty as both broadcasters and analysts in the tournament.

They are Steve “Tasty Steve” Scott, Stephen “Sajam” Lyon, Reepal “Rip” Parbhoo and “Zhi” Liang Chew.

Malik Forte, who co-hosts Turner’s eStream videos and the show Status Effect alongside Michele Morrow—is the new tournament reporter.

For those of you keeping score, that means you won’t be seeing Jason “Moses” O’Toole, Duncan “Thorin” Shields, Anders Blume, Auguste “Semmler” Massonnat, James “Yet To Frag” Bardolph, Daniel “DDK” Kapadia or Rachel Quirico on TBS this summer. That’s to be expected given that they’re all experts on a game that’s not being played in this tournament.

But it’ll be interesting to see if that has an impact on the viewing audience. No small part of what has made ELEAGUE so successful is its incredible talent roster. Every person that’s on the team has brought personality and certain strengths to the show.

Richard Lewis is the absolute rock of the broadcast and will continue to do an impeccable job of holding down the fort with this new group of people. Yet it won’t quite be the same without Thorin saying something delightfully blunt and Moses looking sometimes like he wonders why he has to literally be stuck in the middle.

We’ll find out if anyone can match that entertainment value when the Street Fighter V Invitational starts March 27; get full details on the tournament and TV schedule here.

Below is the complete ELEAGUE Street Fighter V Invitational talent lineup:


The complete talent announcement for the ELEAGUE Street Fighter V Invitational. Photo Credit: Courtesy of ELEAGUE.

The ELEAGUE Street Fighter V Invitational starts on March 27. Are you interested in watching this round of ELEAGUE now that it’s focusing on a different game and with different broadcast talent? Leave us your thoughts in the comments.