Nationals Jayson Werth’s Quiet Success: Waiver wire add?

Jayson Werth has quietly been having a solid season for the Nationals. But, is the veteran a must-add off the waiver wire?

The Nationals are having a good season for a myriad of reasons and Jayson Werth is certainly one. Amid the big names and the incredible bounce back from Ryan Zimmerman, Werth has simply just gone about his business and is producing. But, is the veteran a must add?

Jayson Werth is amazingly in his fifteenth year as a major leaguer and has etched out a solid career in the process. When on the field, even though that is always a wildcard with him, he has produced. Last season, he posted a .244/21 HR/69 RBI/.752 OPS/84 R line over 143 games. The AVG was low, but with over 49 XBH and solid counting stats, owners could not complain too much.

Heading into the 2017 season, fantasy owners mostly overlooked Werth as the 38-year-old and his injury woes were just not enticing enough in an otherwise deep position.  But, 30 games into the season, Werth looks his vintage self. He currently holds a .299/6 HR/11 RBI/3 SB/.900 OPS line.

He has 10 XBH out of his 32 hits this season and his batted ball profile is even better. He holds 22% LD, 39% FB, 16% Soft, 53% Med and 31% Hard contact rates. He is squaring nearly everything up and the rates show why he has found success.

The speed is an oddity, he only had five steals last season and no more than 10 SB since 2013. But, the steals and his willingness to snag a bag here and there are a welcome addition.

Werth is looking the part of a must add. He is performing well, squaring the ball up better than ever and is hitting in a solid spot of arguably the best lineup in baseball. He is being slotted in the two hole, so with Bryce Harper, Ryan Zimmerman and company following him, the counting stats will be there moving forward.

Jayson Werth may be at the tail end of his career and carries plenty of injury baggage, but the batted ball profile and stats do not lie. Adding Werth is also an investment in a high-octane Nationals’ offense that offers plenty of stat opportunities, Roll the dice with Werth once again off the waiver wire.