Yankees and Tigers brawl leads to suspensions: Fantasy fallout

The Yankees and Tigers were in multiple brawls this week, leading to MLB handing down suspensions. What is the fantasy fallout of the news?

Everyone has seen it by now. The all out slugfest during the Yankees and Tigers game on Aug. 25 was one of the rare true brawls you will see in today’s game. The entire incident was just a display of who is more “macho”, therefore all the more foolish, especially for the Yankees. Multiple players from each team were suspended, but what is the fantasy fallout from the deal?

The seeds of the feud were planted during a series in July were multiple players were hit by pitches. Those seeds grew this week, as it should be of no ones surprise that the Yankees took offense to not only Gary Sanchez being hit, but by Michael Fulmer who surrendered a homer to Sanchez earlier in the game and was in the middle of the July feud.

There is no right or wrong side to this, both teams are at fault and Sanchez, who even if angry about being hit by a pitch, can not sucker punch people under any circumstances. Miguel Cabrera’s frustrations in the box this season, and then the pitch that whizzed behind his back by Tommy Kahnle, certainly would spark anyones temper. Yet, is anger was misguided as Austin Romine was more upset with the immediate ejection of Kahnle than Cabrera.

Cabrera was the instigator of the brawl and received a seven game suspension. The Tigers are in the middle of a terrible season, and Cabrera’s uncharacteristic self is a major reason why.

The Tigers will more than likely look to John Hicks to man first while Miggy is out, and even if he appeals, the odds of it being lowered are minimal. Those owners looking for short-term power adds, look no further than Luis Valbuena and Mitch Moreland.

While Alex Wilson and Austin Romine were suspended as well, the biggest fantasy fallout comes with the four game suspension of Gary Sanchez. He is lucky he did not get a harsher sentence, but his unbelievable Aug. coming from the catcher spot was carrying plenty of teams down the stretch.

Four games is basically a whole week of missed action, leaving owners with a gaping hole at their C spot. For those needing replacements, there are some decent options out on most waiver wire that can help.

Robinson Chirinos is currently on fire at the plate, posting a .424/2 HR/5 RBI/1.215 OPS  line over the last two weeks. He is in the middle of a career best season, and is a part of a solid lineup. All signs point to him being able to chip in for a week.

Mike Zunino and Wilson Ramos have also come to life over the last few weeks. Zunino went on a crazy power surge, then cooled off, but has posted a .300/2 HR/5 RBI over his last 33 at-bats.

Coming off his torn ACL, Ramos took a little time to get back in the groove of things. Yet, outside of Chirinos, he is the hottest hitting catcher in the game as of late, posting a .471/2 HR/4 RBI/1.190 OPS over the same two-week span.

While admittedly the spectacle was entertaining to watch, the brawl was pure stupidity that should have been nipped in the bud way earlier by more competent umpires. Fantasy owners will have to cope with the loses of both Sanchez and Cabrera, but thankfully there are some waiver wire options that can help out.