Michael Bennett’s attorney calls for an investigation of the LVMPD

SEATTLE, WA - AUGUST 18: Defensive end Michael Bennett
SEATTLE, WA - AUGUST 18: Defensive end Michael Bennett /

Days after Michael Bennett goes public with his story of abuse by the Las Vegas Police Department, his attorney has another grievance.

If his story is true, the Las Vegas Metro Police Department abused Michael Bennett. His account of the story explains a terrifying ordeal that no American should have to go through. Bennett, who plays defensive end for the Seattle Seahawks, has had a terrible time of it and things have just gotten worse.

After Bennett released his story, a partial video of the arrest was released by TMZ. His dad came out in support of Michael in an interview with Sports Illustrated. Both of these constituted the calm before the storm.

On Sept. 7, the LVMPD’s union sent a letter to the NFL and its commissioner, Roger Goodell. This letter attempts to say the LVMPD was in the right in every step along the way. The letter follows.

On Sept. 8, Bennett replied through his lawyer. Adam Schefter of ESPN posted Bennett’s attorney’s reply, and it follows below.

In the statement, Bennett’s team is arguing that the Las Vegas Police Department has continued to act inappropriately. Bennet’s lawyer claims the police department had heard about the ordeal on Aug. 29, despite the department’s claims otherwise.

Bennet’s legal representation made the LVMPD aware of the ordeal through a FedEx pursuant and an email. They failed to respond by the legally required date of Sept. 5. The lawyer then made another request on Sept. 6 and did not hear back until that evening.

The real kicker is that before the LVMPD made the body cam footage from the incident available to Bennett, they released it publicly. The LVMPD had a press release before allowing Bennett to even see the footage. Then they released an edited version of the footage which excluded many of the details mentioned in Bennett’s original statement.

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The police mistreated Bennet until they found out who he was. Then they ignored him until he made it public. After ignoring him, they made direct, public attacks towards his character. All of this comes at a time when politics have invaded the NFL like never before. Don’t expect this to calm down anytime soon.